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Fighting for democracy in the Grayson Highlands of Southwestern Virginia.

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The monthly meeting of the Grayson County Democrats is held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room at the Grayson County Courthouse.

All current and lapsed Democrats are welcome, as well as all rehabilitated ex-Republicans and right minded independents.

Our local Democratic Party is small, but it is healthy, it is active and it plans to be a bigger player in the County going forward.

Come join us. Help us grow and work with like minded people to help improve Grayson County for all residents.

We hope to see you there.


Grayson County Democrats

1) Are you registered to vote ?

2) If not, can we get you registered to vote (the election this November is very important to Grayson County) ?

3) Have you voted recently and are you still eligible to vote?

4) What do you see as the major issues in Grayson County, what are your major concerns and what would you like to see happen to make Grayson County a better place to live?

5) Have you considered coming to our meetings and events?

6) If not, why not and what would need to happen to get you to come to them?

We are looking for your feedback here

2023 Grayson Dems Plans/Events:


We are going to have/participate in the following events:

1) --Paint party for charity in February. 

Come and have fun while doing a painting with your friends and others.

All proceeds will go to a Grayson County charitable organization.

2) --Quarterly Democratic pancake breakfasts at various locations in Grayson County.

Enjoy a good pancake breakfast and meet your fellow Democrats. Good food and fellowship. If you can't make it to our meetings, we will come to your area of the County.

3) --A BBQ meal sales at the Farmers Market in May or June.

All proceeds will go to a local charitable organization.

(Last year, the Grayson Dems raised $1,000 for Food Independence).

4) --Fourth of July Celebration.

The Grayson Dems will have a tent on the lawn of the 1908 Courthouse and, starting this year, a float in the Parade.

5) --Summer Picnic.


This is our big event in the summer.

Last year, we teamed up with the Galax and Carroll Democrats, had three great speakers, live music, great food and a large turnout. This year will be even bigger. Come on out and have a great time with us.

6) --River Clean Up.


August is Clean River Month in Grayson County.

Your local Democrats will again participate and will be out in force to help keep the New River clean in Grayson County.

7) --Fall BBQ (we like BBQ a lot).

This is our traditional fall event, again teaming up with the Galax and Carroll Dems. We line up a couple of good speakers, find a great venue (last year's event was at Ward Manor) and have a good time. Join us in the fun and fellowship.

8)--Starting this year, the Grayson County Democrats will fund two scholarships for seniors at Grayson County High School, one for college and one for trade school.


Details to follow.

9)--In addition, the Grayson Dems will again make a generous donation to the Grayson County Ag Fair in August.

(The Grayson Dems donated $500 to this worthy event in 2022)

We are going to re-start the Grayson County Democrats webpage to go along with this Facebook page.


We will have interactive polls and other forms of engagement on both sites.

We will be performing a recruitment drive, looking for like minded people, young and old (the former is much needed) to be active members of the Grayson County Democrats.

Finally, we are going to actively support the proposed new Multi-Use Facility at Elk Creek and will actively support the nomination and election of moderate candidates in the upcoming local elections.

We are here (to stay). We are active. We will be very visible and we will always support projects and people that benefit and assist Grayson County and its residents.

Come join us. Its going to be a fun ride.



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